FRIENDS OF BRIDGE, a congenial bridge studio
2 Calle Medico, Suite 5A (lower level)

This is near the intersection with Arroyo Chamiso.


1) The street numbers on Calle Medico have an unusual arrangement. They start on the southwesterly side of the street from Arroyo Chamiso and continue (1, 2, 3, …) on the same side of the street until the street ends at Old Pecos Trail. Then they pick up across the street and continue back to Arroyo Chamiso.

2) If you are coming north on Old Pecos Trail, you should continue onto St. Michaels Dr. and turn right on Arroyo Chamiso. If you veer right earlier to stay on Old Pecos Trail, you will not be able to turn onto Arroyo Chamiso, but will have to continue to the other end of Calle Medico.